Rev. Dr. Siu-sing FUNG


Director of Global Theological Education

New Testament, Pastoral Theology

Personal Vision & Mission 

It is my hope that by studying and integrating the Four Pillars of CMS (Theological Reflection, Spiritual Formation, Mission, Chinese Studies), we may cultivate servants of God’s kingdom who are compassionate, sensible, loving, and righteous, being able to serve the churches in Hong Kong and mainland China. At the same time, it is hoped that under the guidance of the Scripture and the Holy Spirit, believers may live out the image of Christ and the church may manifest the fullness of Christ.



  • 《使我作祢和平之子》。香港:中國宣道神學院,2015。

Book Review
  • 評《教牧諮商──改變生命的助人模式》,張宰金著。《中宣文集》第七期(2008年1月),179-183。

Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈走餘剩幾遠路〉,第188期。

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  • 〈牧靈人〉,第176期。

  • 〈華人教會國度化〉,第171期。

  • 〈中國教會屬靈觀初探〉,第165期。

  • 〈香港信徒與中國宣教 阿摩司先知跨境宣教的啟迪〉,第159期。

  • 〈中港矛盾形勢下再思中國事工〉,第153期。

  • 〈「招」收那些追求多結果子的門「生」〉,第141期。

  • 〈中宣的三化使命〉,第134期。



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