Rev. Ronald T. S. YU


Consultant, Global Theological Education

Theology, Apolegetics,  Evangelism and Mission

Personal Vision & Mission

The mission I received when God’s calling first came to me included dedication to full-time ministry and Chinese mission. After graduation from the seminary, I had served as youth pastor and later senior pastor. I was enthusiastic in exploring new ministries such as small groups, evangelism and discipleship training, and mission programs in the local church. After six years of pastoral ministry, Dr. Jonathan Chao invited me to help start the Chinese Mission Seminary. In theological education, I have served in various capacities such as Director of Lay Training Institute, Mission Department (now Global Theological Education), Dean and Vice President. In 2005, I received another calling, i.e. Marketplace (or Workplace) Ministry. I began to step into various workplaces in China, such as factories, restaurants, shops, and farms, to develop workplace theology and mission strategies for different workplaces. Workplaces are the new “promise land” of urban mission.



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