Adminstrative Staff

Acting President

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Acting Registrar

Director of Practicum Training

Acting Director of Library

Master of Theology Co-ordinaotr

Master of Divinity (For Bth graduates) Co-ordinator

Master of Ministry (Christian Spirituality) Co-ordinator

Master of Christian Spirituality Studies Co-ordinator

Master of Christian Spiritual Direction Co-ordinator

Director of Lay Training Insitute

Dr. Pui-shum IP

Ms. Funny LUK

Rev. Edwin MUNG

Ms. Yin YU

Dr. Janet CHAN

Dr. Pui-shum IP

Dr. Christina WONG

Dr. Pui-shum IP

Ms. Sandy LAI

Dr. Rita PUN

Global Theological Education Department

Director of Global Theological Education

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Chaplain Department

School Chaplain

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Administration Department

Director of Administration

Dr. Kylie CHUNG

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Development Department

Associate Director of Development

Mr. Clarence FUNG

Associate Director of Development

Ms. Fanny LUK

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