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Apart from developing theological education and equipping full-time ministry workers, the seminary also seeks to serve the local churches and community.

1. Ministry Workers

We see the need to offer spiritual support for fellow pastors and co-workers. In order to provide them with space for quiet rest and prayer, we hold annual seminars or day retreats for pastors. Experienced pastors are invited as speakers for the seminars, so as to provide mutual enrichment. Lecturers in spirituality would usually lead the day retreats. We hope that fellow pastors may be spiritually revitalised through such events.


2. Organizations and Churches

Surrounded by greeneries, the campus of CMS offers a tranquil resting place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We welcome applications from organizations and churches for retreats on weekends and holidays. 


3. Every Christ-believer

We offer a variety of discipleship and training programs, both day-time and evening, and would like to encourage fellow believers to equip themselves in the truth of God and so lay a good foundation for His service

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