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Program Design

The curriculum design can be illustrated with the “Four Pillars” below:












Theological Reflection – a solid foundation of faith is the prerequisite for every worker and their ministries. We hope to equip students with sound biblical and doctrinal knowledge. Hence, biblical studies, theology and history constitute the greater proportions of our curriculum.


Spiritual Formation – the students must focus on their spiritual lives by building and developing a close relationship with the Lord, only then can they become ministers of God’s kingdom who are able to serve others. “Spiritual formation” is one of the features in the curriculum, and students who enroll in the full-time three- or four-year program are required to fulfill certain credits in spirituality-related subjects. The MDiv students can also choose to major in “Christian Spirituality Studies” in the fourth-year Honors degree program.


Mission – renewal through spiritual formation will motivate and strengthen students in ministries and mission, thus testifying to the ever transforming life in Christ. “Mission” is another feature in our curriculum, through which students will experience a broadening of their mission horizon in different cultures. MDiv students can continue on to the Honors degree majoring in “Chinese mission and ministries”.


Chinese Studies – the realization of the “Christianization of the Chinese Culture” means that students have to have a good grasp of the Chinese culture and history. Hence, in the full-time program, students are required to take subjects such as “History of Christianity in China”, “Theology of Modern China” and “Chinese Mission”.



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