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Threefold Vision

CMS has always been upholding the “Threefold Vision” passed down from the founder Rev. Chao. The core value of the threefold vision is “Christ-centered life transformation and mission”, including the transformation of individuals, churches and the society.


1. Evangelization

The vision of evangelization is asking people to have an attitude change to their own natives and also every nation, seeing them as the one whom God loves. Making people return to Jesus Christ, and further making them to become an evangelist, who will influence more and more people to become an evangelist.


2. Kingdomization

The vision of kingdomization is to instill in the church the attitude of allowing God’s sovereign power to rule over her, resulting in a participation in God’s redemptive work that goes beyond the personal, the congregational, the organizational and the denominational. While actively waiting for the realization of God’s kingdom, the church bravely witness God’s sovereignty and grace in the world.

3. Christianization

The vision of Christianization recognizes the necessity of culture renewal, through the truth of Christ. In this regard, we are determined to help every believer actualize their faith in their daily life so as to be an impact to the society, thus rejuvenating the whole culture.


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