Threefold Vision

CMS has always been upholding the “Threefold Vision” passed down from the founder Rev. Chao since its inception. They are as follows:


1. Evangelization of the Chinese People

We seek to share the gospel with every Chinese, so that they will come into a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. While this aspect of the vision will take generations to fulfill, we hope to prepare more “quality” workers of God’s kingdom who will go forth and gather in the harvest.


2. Kingdomization of the Chinese Churches

We seek to instill in the Church the attitude of allowing God’s sovereign power to rule over her, resulting in a participation in God’s redemptive work that goes beyond the personal, the congregational, the organizational and the denominational. This is done by preparing believers for evangelism, for the building of churches, and for the extension of God’s kingdom, thus leading to the “qualitative growth” of the Church.


3. Christianization of the Chinese Culture

We seek to contribute to the Chinese culture in terms of thought, education, society and the like by renewing the Chinese culture with and through the Truth of Christ. In this regard, we are determined to help every believer actualize their faith in their daily life so as to be an impact to the society, thus rejuvenating the Chinese culture.