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Financial Needs

For more than twenty years since its inception, CMS has experienced many blessings. Despite daunting financial constraints and the limitations of the campus, we persist in our mission from the beginning, producing workers of God’s kingdom locally and in mainland China. Apart from the preservation of our faith by the Holy Spirit, the involvement of supporters and alumni has also been a source of strength to us. Together, we testify to how the Lord has carried out His plans through the involvements and gifts of different people.   


We need your support too! And we would like to invite you to become part of the CMS ministry. Your support, prayers and donations are vital to the building of more spiritually mature, biblically founded and mission-minded workers of God’s kingdom.


If you have a heart to share in our ministries and would like to be involved through financial means, please download the Donation Form here or via                   .


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