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Mainland Ministry

There is a huge demand for the Gospel in mainland China. However, many pastors have not received any theological education in a systematic way, nor do they receive continuing theological education. To cope with the situation, CMS launched the Master of Divinity and the Bachelor of Ministry programs in 2011 and 2013 respectively.


With regard to the curriculum of the programs for mainland China, we seek to instill in the students the “Threefold Vision, Four Pillars.” Even though in recent years we have witnessed a burgeoning of new courses and programs offered by the churches in China, their curriculum is, however, more oriented toward knowledge and skills. As such, CMS’s curriculum design is geared toward a holistic approach that will strengthen the student’s relationship with God by also including subjects on spirituality and attendance at spiritual retreats. We have also assigned a chaplain to help counsel and care for the spiritual growth of our students, so that they may become better pastors even as they themselves experience pastoral care and nurture. To facilitate interactions and mutual support, in-class small groups are created. We also emphasize the need to realize our belief through action, encouraging our students to participate in mission work.


There are 2 programs in mainland China and we are expecting enrolment of about 20-25 students per semester.

  • Master of Divinity – A three-year program, geared toward pastors, leaders of churches/Christian organizations with college degrees who serve in urban areas.

  • Bachelor of Ministry – A three-year program, meant for those pastors with lower secondary education who serve in rural areas.


By running the programs, CMS hopes that

  • The pastors will receive a well-rounded theological education and be equipped for pastoral ministry.

  • Believers will be taught the truth in its purity and are well ministered to, so that the chances of them being misled by heresies may be reduced.

  • Pastors will be committed to the training of teachers, and to the indigenization of theological education.


To operate the programs, we need RMB940,000 per year, which works out to be RMB24,000 per student on average. The breakdown is as follows –


If you have a heart to share in our ministries and would like to be involved through financial means, please download the Donation Form here.


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