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Mr. Amos M. K. LING


Director of Global Theological Education

Practical Theology, Homiletics and New Testament 

Personal Vision & Mission

What is the vision of my life? I would put it in the other way: What is the burden of my heart? My burden is closely related to my gifts. Then, what are my spiritual gifts? As a matter of fact, I enjoy being with people, preaching and teaching the Word of God. I hope that through my preaching and teaching, men and women will discover the meaning of Scripture, thus transforming their lives and enabling to love both God and their neighbors. I believe, with my gifts of preaching and teaching, I can serve both men and women in Hong Kong and Mainland China.



Articles / Videos
  • 《英雄有夢:使徒行傳人物素描》,Chinese Mission Seminary, April 2020.

  • 〈撒迦利亞書〉。《每日讀經釋義》,4-6月(2012)

  • 〈人生的季節:馬利亞!馬利亞!〉。《中宣文集》第12期(2012年1月),127-131

  • 〈從迷宮中走出人生的迷宮〉。《中宣文集》第8期(2008年1月),159-162。

  • 〈啟示錄戰爭畫像的解構:以文學體裁作為解釋的途徑〉。《中宣文集》,第7期(2007年1月),65-77。

  • "A Study of the Divine Warrior and warrior Motif in the Book of Revelation." ThM Thesis, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, 2005.

  • 〈從啟示錄的推雅推喇書信看得勝與十架的關係〉。李淑文編:《千禧十架》。香港:中國宣道神學院,2000,59-76。



Book Review
  • 評《啟示錄研究亮光》,吳主光著。《中宣文集》第2期(2002年1月),159-163。



Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈濯足禮——可有可無嗎?〉,第201期。

  • 〈無悔今生〉,第196期。

  • 〈知易行難半生人〉,第188期。

  • 〈新酒新皮囊:內地服侍模式的回望與前瞻〉,第184期。

  • 〈不一樣的跟隨〉,第179期。

  • 〈踐行使命〉,第178期。

  • 〈神學教育與華人教會國度化〉,第171期。

  • 〈要「教」且「育」的神學培育〉,第167期。

  • 〈牧者,好自為之!〉,第160期。

  • 〈夢醒時分〉,第155期。

  • 〈你買了保險沒有〉,第146期。

  • 〈快樂聖誕夜?驚嚇夜!聖善平安夜!〉,第133期。



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