Dr. Chi-man YU


Missiology, Christian Worship



Personal Vision & Mission

God guided my studies in the disciplines of social and human sciences, mathematics, management and theology, and led me to serve in various churches, mission agencies and seminaries. I have committed in several ministries, including worship, missions and administration. These backgrounds enable me to integrate academic knowledge, theories of different disciplines and practical theologies.

I sincerely hope that I can serve future pastors and missionaries through my reflections and integration of these experiences in ministry, and to inspire them to become fruitful workers of the Kingdom of God, who value the Bible, and be a blessing to this chaotic era.

  • 曾以筆名撰寫一本宣教文集。

  • 〈疫情中的聖餐默想〉。《時代論壇》,2020年12月16日。

  • 〈反擊路人甲——疫境宣教思維〉。《時代論壇》,2020年9月17日。

  • 〈敬拜、差傳──宿敵?伙伴?〉。《時代論壇》第1197期,2010年8月。

  • 〈沒有坐寶座的寶座上羔羊——領敬拜者之反思〉。《時代論壇》第927期,2005年6月。

  • 曾以筆名於《時代論壇》、《今日華人教會》、差傳機構通訊等發表約二十篇宣教文章。

Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈懱視.傲Days 當代宣教的意義〉,第191期。