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Rev. Dr. Edwin Y. S. MUNG


Director of Practicum Training

Old Testament

Personal Vision & Mission

My Vision and prayer

My vision is to train mature, faithful, and diligent mission-minded workers for the kingdom of God. One of my callings is to nurture potential theological educators for future generations. 

May God help me be an example to my students: to be a kind and loving person with integrity, humbly serving the Lord with my colleagues in furthering the mission of Chinese Mission Seminary.



Articles / Videos

Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈神學教育之回首與前瞻〉,第207期。

  • 〈何西阿先知的靈命塑造〉,第200期。

  • 〈詩篇與靈修〉,第195期。

  • 〈先知的盼望〉,第185期。

  • 〈胸懷神國,實踐公義〉,第182期。

  • 〈以「實習課程」牧養神學生〉,第175期。

  • 〈舊約智慧文學中的朋友〉,第164期。

  • 〈呼召恩記 難忘警牧事奉〉,第152期。

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