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Rev. Frankie C. S. CHOW



Personal Vision & Mission

Looking back on my years of experience in the church ministry, I am convinced that pastoral care cannot be separated from theology, and that theology cannot be separated from pastoral care. I believe that God has called me to cultivate, teach, and establish theological thoughts in the settings of church-community and mission field.

In addition to equipping believers to become leaders and pastors of the church, theological education is also, I believe, a journey to sanctification. I also believe in learning by teaching. In the process of teaching, I learn to be sensitive to the diverse situations of each person, adhere to personal teaching and life cultivation.

There are five research areas that I am interested in: doctrine of God, doctrine of sanctification, theological hermeneutics and interpretation of scripture, homiletics, and pastoral theology.


Edited Book
  • 馬保羅、周震聲、區淑兒、陳康綾、何惠民、林韻婷編:《使命重尋40天靈修之旅》。香港:啟田浸信會,2017。

  • 〈堂會宣教的火星任務〉。《今日華人教會》,2020年12月。

  • 〈為學日益,為道日損:論網絡教室獵奇式現象〉。《時代論壇》第1706期,2020年5月8日。

  • 〈崇拜補完計劃〉。《時代論壇》,2020年3月13日。

  • 〈復興聖潔:從約翰韋伯斯特的觀點探討基督徒的成聖觀〉。《浸情:香港浸信會聯會雙月刊》第90期,2019年12月。

  • 〈關愛受造世界:認信創造主為門訓原點的想像〉。《時代論壇》,2019年9月20日。

  • 〈港視不獲發牌,有多不公義?:從三種尋求公義的模式談起〉。《時代論壇》,2013年10月18日。

  • 〈從卡爾‧巴特的聖靈論探討神的宣教(Missio Dei)對宣教神學之意義〉。《中宣文集》第12期(2012年1月),61-92。



Book Review
  • A Companion to the Theology of John Webster,Michael Allen and R. David Nelson編。《山道期刊》,香港浸信會神學院,第49期(2022年6月),183-189。

  • Between Wittenberg and Geneva: Lutheran and Reformed Theology in Conversation,Robert Kolb and Carl R. Trueman著。《山道期刊》,香港浸信會神學院,第41期(2018年1月),176-185。


Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈門徒數碼化:未來神學教育的再想像〉,第206期。

  • 〈閱讀,無力者們的力量〉,第197期。

  • 〈神學無用?〉,第186期。



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