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Ms. Grace S. W. WONG


Master of Christian Spirituality and Ministry Co-ordinator

Spiritual Theology, Pastoral Theology, Practical Theology


Personal Vision & Mission

I strongly believe that the goal of Christian life must accord with the goal of Christ’s vocation through His salvation. In this regard, I am deeply moved by Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics, in which he states that the ultimate goal of Christ’s vocation is to call people into fellowship with Himself: 

“Christ does not call those whom He calls merely to any place, but He calls them to Himself, to attachment to fellowship with Himself.”  (Church Dogmatics, IV.3.2) 

I am thoroughly convinced that God’s love for humankind is far deeper than anything we can imagine. I hope, by means of teaching and pastoral ministries, to accompany students on their journeys with God and to assist them in gaining deeper understanding and experience of the intended life brought to us by Christ.

My research interests lie in both spiritual and practical theologies. My research in the field of spiritual theology mainly focuses on the relationality between God and the human person in the history of Christian Spirituality, paying special attention to the study of Ignatian and Jesuit spiritualities. My research in the field of practical theology concerns the integration of spiritual theology into practical theology, the rediscovery of the lost telos and praxis of spiritual formation in the pastoral context, as well as pastoring pastors and church leaders.

Articles / Videos

Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈重尋消失的瑰寶——神學教育中的靈命塑造〉,第208期。

  • 〈奧古斯丁的《懺悔錄》,從不安到安息的關係旅程〉,第202期。



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