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Dr. Pui-shum IP



Master of Divinity (for BTh graduates) Co-ordinator


Personal Vision & Mission

I joined the CMS on the 1st September 2016, before that I worked as the director of theological education by extension at another theology school in Hong Kong. 
My research interests lie mainly in the central loci of the Christian dogmatics, investigating how Christian thoughts of God and the world speak to our contemporary life. In particular, I am interested in the doctrine of Scripture, the doctrine of creation, Christian testimony and church history. I hope through partaking in theological education I can accompany fellow believers on their way to carry on with the catholic and apostolic tradition of the Church.



  • 〈復活清晨的路上〉。HKPES週一職人Bloggers,2019年7月27日。《復活清晨的路上》/

  • 〈不能自拔的意志(下)〉。HKPES週一職人Bloggers,2019年6月24日。《不能自拔的意志_下》/

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  • 〈看哪,臥在馬槽裡,包著布,這嬰孩,神的羔羊〉。HKPES週一職人Bloggers,2018年12月24日。《看哪,臥在馬槽裡,包著布,這嬰孩,神的羔羊/​

  • 〈撒種人〉。鄧美美編:《甚麼時代 甚麼僕人》。香港:中國神學研究院,2017,118-123。

  • 〈現實是從暴力中誕生?〉。鄧紹光編:《非暴力十二問》。香港:印象文字,2017,158–185。

  • 〈左右兩難──穿越本土的大公觀念〉。雷競業、辛惠蘭編:《迎向政治的呼召》。香港:中國神學研究院,2017,101-125。

  • 〈撒種人〉,China Graduate School of Theology Bulletin, 355, Mar–Apr, 2016.

  •  〈司長的本土比喻〉,iQuest文章,2016年3月7日。

  • 〈想像失序的本土身份〉,iQuest文章,2016年2月9日。

  • 〈格拉森人的選擇〉,iQuest及《時代論壇》同步文章,2014 年9 月20 日。

  • 〈兩個小錢的窮寡婦〉,iQuest及《時代論壇》同步文章,2014 年5 月2 日。

  • 〈倫理、事奉與愛──神學教育延伸的動力〉,China Graduate School of Theology Bulletin, 348, Jan–Feb, 2015.



  • “Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Concept of Testimony as Natural Knowledge – Implications for the Doctrine of Scripture and the Church.” European Journal of Theology XXII (2013): 124–136.

  • “Construing testimony and the interpreting of the Resurrection.” CGST Journal 54 (2013), 97–115.

  • “John the Baptist as the Witness Prototype in Karl Barth.” Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 30 (2012): 189–205.

  • Ip, P.S. & Fox, R. “Changing Schools Through Exploring Innovative Pedagogical

Practices using ICTs.” In R. Atkinson, C. McBeath, D. Jonas-Dwyer & R. Phillips (Eds), Beyond the comfort zone: Proceedings of the 21st ASCILITE Conference (pp. 444-454). Perth, 5-8 December, 2004.


Book Review  
  • Wandering in Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering, Eleonore Stump,  Hill Road 46 (2020): 224–231.

  • Doxological Theology – Karl Barth on Divine Providence, Evil, and the Angels, Christopher C. Green, Hill Road 41 (2018): 170–175.

  • The Apathetic God – Exploring the Contemporary Relevance of Divine Impassibility, Daniel Castelo, CGST Journal 52 (2012): 209–214.

  • Trinity and Election in Contemporary Theology, Michael T. Dempsey, Hill Road 29 (2012): 179–185.

  • The Witness of God – The Trinity, Missio Dei, Karl Barth, and the Nature of Christian Community, John G. Flett, Jian Dao 36 (2011):185–190.

  • Eternal God – A Study of God without Time, Paul Helm, Hill Road 27 (2011): 211–214.

  • Eccentric Existence: A Theological Anthropology, Volume 1 & 2, David H. Kelsey, CGST Journal 51 (2011): 214–218.


Articles in CMS Newsletter (Since 2010)
  • 〈風途中的使命〉,第192期。

  • 〈窘迫中的篤信〉,第186期。

  • 〈門徒身份覺醒與同行 改革家與畫家的故事〉,第180期。

  • 〈把一杯涼水給這小子——「塞維利亞賣水人」的牧者類比〉,第175期。

  • 〈始於基督的更新──中國文化基督化〉,第172期。

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